Jingle Juice

Jingle Juice

As the holidays approached, I needed to find an easy gift I could make easily in large quantities. Jingle Juice was the solution! This is a gift for 21 and over. Jingle Juice is a delightful chocolate peppermint vodka.

The vodka is very easy to make. First step, clean out some room in your fridge because it needs to be in there for a month. Then get a nice big jar. I found one at Kohls which works perfectly. When in doubt, buy a large container of food like this. Empty out the food, soak, and use.

To make the Jingle Juice, you will need one bag of peppermints, one and half bags of chocolate chips, and a 1.75L bottle of vodka. Into the container empty the bag of chocolate chips and peppermints (unwrap first!). Then pour in the vodka. Shut the lid and place in the fridge. Stir every few days. After two weeks, feel free to start testing it. The longer it stays in the container, the more flavorful it becomes.

When you want to bottle it, buy a package of water bottles and empty them. I used a 12-pack of 8 ounce water bottles. I also removed the labels to add my own.

The best way to empty out the container is to get a large pot and strainer. Place strainer in pot and then dump the mixture. I added some of the chocolate chips in each bottle. Pour into bottles.

For the labels, I just bought some dollar store wrapping paper because it had the candy canes. Made the Jingle Juice labels in word and printed them out. To make the labels, I use the original water bottle wrapper as my template. Cut out several and then glued the Jingle Juice label on. With packing tape, I covered the label. Be sure to leave just a bit on either end to adhere it to the bottle.

I found the Naughty or Nice gift tags at Five Below and thought they added a nice touch.

Final step: Enjoy!

The vodka tastes lovely in some pepsi or seltzer.


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