Trailer Trash Truffles


One of my favorite and most popular desserts.  Here is how to make trailer trash truffles.

What you need:

Package of Oreos
Package of Cream Cheese (8 ozs.)
One bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 tablespoon of crisco

1.  In a food processor, grind up the oreos.  Then add in the cream cheese.  Once it is completely blended, it should resemble something that looks like tar.

2.  Place in the fridge for at least one hour.

3.  On a cookie sheet, place wax paper.  Roll out dough into whatever shapes you want.  This time I opted for balls, last time I did mini-football shapes.

4.  Place rolled out shapes into the freezer for a few hours.

5.  In a double-boiler add chocolate chips and crisco.  Stir until melted.

6.  Dip the balls and place on a sheet of wax paper.  Let them cool off.

There are several different options with the trailer trash truffles.  You can use any of the the different oreo cookies for this recipe.  If you don’t want them dipped in brown chocolate, you can use other colored dipping chocolate.  For decoration sprinkles should be added right after dipping or let them cool and you can drizzle on different colored chocolate.


One thought on “Trailer Trash Truffles

  1. having eaten these a number of times, i must say – they are the most delicious dessert to ever cross my tastebuds! definately the highlight of any party they have been served at =)

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