Day One: Wildcat Mural

NCAA fever has taken hold of our household and even though the Villanova Wildcats had a disappointing appearance, we wanted to keep them involved during the final week. We have a blank wall in our basement and felt it was the ideal spot for our Wildcat mural since it is home to our Jay Wright Coke cardboard cutout.
Thanks to our friend, eBay, I was able score an old school projector for under $50. Thanks to my mom, the former teacher, I was able to score old school, printable transparencies.

Rockin' it old school style

Once we had that all setup, I printed out the Wildcat image we chose, remembering to put reference markings on the transparencies to ensure proper placement if the projector was moved.

Go Cats!

Of course, the fight song was being played/sung while adjusting the image for placement. Since we were going old school with the projector, it was time to break out the old school pencil and pencil sharpener. Ok, not so old school since they were my free Coach pencils (thank you slickdeals for that one)!

For the next hour or so, I traced the image learning where to stand to not block the projector. The process went quickly and soon I was finished for the day. Next up– taping and first coats of paint!

V for Villanova!


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