Day Three: Bleeding Blue

Step One: Outline– Complete!

Step Two: Tape up the wall– Complete!

Step Three: Start painting– GO!

Yesterday I spent the night applying painters’ tape to the wall to ensure nice, clean, crisp lines (ha!) to the V. I did want to start on my first coat of Nova Blue paint but alas an emergency trip to Saks Fifth Avenue for Clinique bonus time put the brakes on the project for the night. Today I kicked up the painting process to high gear and busted out my Glidden Nova paints.

We previously used the Glidden Nova Blue (Dark) to paint the accent wall in our office and it applied smoothly. I decided to utilize it on the wall mural mostly because it was the official Nova color. Within the first few strokes, I realized wall paint applied much differently than acrylics and it would require a few coats to make it nice and dark.

Slowly I worked my way through the V and decided to paint some of the wildcat’s head while the V dried. Repeat two more times.

After a break for dinner, I check to see if the paint had dried. Good news– it had and it was time to pull off the tape.

Bad news– The paint ran. Even though I carefully applied painters’ tape to make Greg happy, the paint came out wobbly. I started touching up but need to find a new solution. Fortunately, the center white lines will be Nova Light Blue, so I don’t have to worry about them. There are a few options we have– retape or use an edger. The latter might be our solution since the former didn’t help the first time.

Coloring out of the lines

The plan was to have the mural finished by the end of this weekend but with the line issue and adjusting to the thinness of the paint, it will probably be done later next week.


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