Phillies Opening Day

In honor of the Phillies Home Opener, it’s time to share a story about the man I love and the sport he (now) loves.

Over two years ago, I started dating someone who knew more about football and NASCAR than baseball.  In fact, he bought a Phillies shirt for the first game we attended and not because his old one needed to be replaced.  Greg randomly chose a Cole Hamels shirt– having no idea who the player was other than he heard his name before.  For a few months he tried very hard to hide the fact he knew little about the Phillies and baseball from me.  I’ll give him points for almost succeeding. Fast forward to 2011 and we have our second season of six-pack tickets, half of his wardrobe are Phillies shirts, and a phillies room had to be in the house.

Oh, and he stole dirt from the warning track last weekend after the Phillies 5k.  Seriously.

Now back to his desire for a Phillies room.  We decided to decorate the guest bathroom with the Phillies theme after he received a Phillies facial hair poster for his birthday last year.  Then the battle over subtle versus blatant began to rage.  He want to get everything with the logo to be in the bathroom from shower curtain to towel cover and I thought a few accent pieces would be best.  In the end we settled on a mixture of both.

First we picked maroon towels to go with the striped shower curtain.  We have a red trash can which will painted with the Phillies P.  As we see items, we pick them up but the problem becomes remembering to put them out in the room.  Today was a perfect day to share our bathroom with you and bring the phillies items out.

The phabulous phanatic hand towels came from an artist we met at the Manayunk Arts Festival and I highly recommend her art (  The Jesus candle came from the Mexican food store and I thought it was quirky/cute.  We added the text bubble because the team can use all the help they can get.

I even managed to hang the Phillies facial hair which started the bathroom’s theme.

One day, when we figure out what we plan on doing to the room towel/vanity/tile wise, the phanatic will grace the wall of the bathroom.  Until that day, we will just have to do with seeing him at games.


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