The Quintessential “Do over”

As little kids when someone had a disastrous at-bat in baseball or kickball, they were sometimes granted a “do over.”

As adults the “do overs” are used less frequently and in different ways. One of the first times Greg and I hung out, it was more awkward than the Freaks and Geeks teens we spent the night watching. The next day I knew the “do over” needed to be used.

Yesterday we encountered our first household “do over.”

The house came with the flag pole hardware on the house but it needed to be screwed in better. Eight cents spent for screws and we were ready to hang our Phillies flag. Holes drilled, screws inserted, and it was time to hang the flag.

A few seconds later we realized the flag pole wobbled a bit too much in the wind and the bracket didn’t seem to stable. Should I mention if it fell, it would land in Greg’s windshield?

If anytime a “do over” was needed, this would be it.

One trip to Deck’s hardware for a new bracket and we were ready to hit this one out of the park. Armed with wood filler, his power drill, and the new bracket, he confidently stepped up to the plate– or in our case the railing. 15 minutes later the flag was up and boasting our Phillies pride.


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