Time for a little class participation

As we have been working on the house, we tend to find lots of random features usually prompting us to ask, “what were they thinking?”  A few examples– phone jacks in every bathroom, purple and blue speckled paint, and bear flower containers.

This weekend we found one to trump them all but we don’t exactly know what it is.  Hence the need for class participation.  In our closet we had this box for the security system.

Pretty basic . . . until we unlocked it.

Instead of finding items related to the security system like in the other box, we found an outlet with a tape recorder plugged in, a cassette tape, and a phone jack.  We think the two switches next to the box might be related to something in the box.

Neighborhood espionage?  CIA operation?  What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Time for a little class participation

    • The tape was all mangled and we couldn’t listen to it. Believe me, if we could listen to it, it would have been posted. But the phone taping raises an even bigger question, why would they be tapping their own phone?

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