A Wonderful Day for Gardening

If only today was gorgeous outside instead of this dreary weather. Fortunately yesterday was sunny and warm which allowed us time to work on outdoor activities. I took a half day to work on some man cave projects (more to come later) but spent the afternoon washing down our patio furniture and enjoying the sun. Who would have ever thought I would be taking a day off to wash patio furniture? The things love blinds us to.

Ok, the real reason isn’t love but some very cute seat cushions for the front porch. A random trip to Big Lots resulted in a plethora of cushions for the house and necessitated another trip to return unwanted cushions. Once the weather isn’t so rainy out, pictures will be posted.

Greg completed the big outdoor task yesterday, he put together his lawn mower. The mower isn’t your typical gas-guzzling mower but a reel mower which requires him to push and do everything himself. Our lawn has some awkward spots where he had to lift the gas mower we were using, so he felt the reel mower was the best choice. He factored in the impact on the environment a gas mower had and made a thought out decision. It might have been based on is class work for his sustainable engineering degree but saving the environment sounds cooler.

Unpacking the mower

I think it took him longer to open and unpack the box than it did to put together. There were about three pieces which needed to get screwed in and the whole time he kept chuckling “screwed hehehe” like a 13 year old boy.

Doing some screwing

Five minutes later (including box opening time) he was done and ready to mow.

Getting to work

We both took turns playing with the new toy and have a nicely trimmed front yard. Any bets on how long the thrill of mowing the lawn is going to last?


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