Classic Rookie Mistake

Every Monday I have a weekly meeting with my manager and it usually begins off with business talk. Last week she started the meeting by mentioning she has been reading my blog and saw the mural post about the wonky lines. “Classic rookie mistake. Never use the blue tape for lines,” was her sage advice. A few days later, Greg’s mom sent me some green tape to use on the rest of the mural. I guess she’s been reading it too.*

The mural has taken a back seat since I got home from Orlando on Tuesday night due to illness but Saturday I was up and ready to work . . . . fine it was because Greg was still asleep and wasn’t happy with me poking him for entertainment so I had to find something else to do.

Time to muralize.

I had about 70 percent of the raw sienna applied and completed all of that before busting out my green tape for the light blue accent. I carefully applied this tape, making sure I firmly pressed down on the edge to ensure a proper seal.

Taped up

He looked quite sharp the when I peeled the green tape off, the lines looked just as sharp! Then I did the “Woohoo, Go me!” dance around the basement for a few minutes before painting his eyes.

Look into my eyes

Next step for later in the week– paint white in the V, paws, and the face.

V for Villanova! V for Victory! D for Diane Rocks!

*Found out she is now a subscriber to the Undomestic Goddess (woohoo!). You should be like Jeanmarie and subscribe.


4 thoughts on “Classic Rookie Mistake

  1. He looks very snazzy!

    I subscribe via my Google Reader. It makes keeping track of all the blogs I follow very easy!

      • Yes, I actually really like it. It’s very well organized, making it easy to keep track of which blogs are updated. I can also easily share items from my feed with people that subscribe to my Google Reader/Google Buzz feed.

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