Orange You Glad to See Me

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you happy to see another post!

I know– very cheesy knock, knock joke we’ve all told at some point in our life. Most of us tell it sometime before hitting third grade but in this situation I thought it fitting. Over the weekend (ok, several weekends ago) we decided to tackle the Man Cave #2.

Yes, #2. The first man cave is also the laundry room and full of our running medals and pictures but this man cave is solely dedicated to all things manly.

Manly things do not involve bare walls with peach trim. Manly things involve manly colors such as orange. Unlike how we picked colors for a few other rooms, we didn’t feel winging it was ideal when painting a room orange. So off to the manly store of Home Depot we went to pick a few colors. We were very glad we tested the two colors because one was perfect and the other looked like flesh. Flesh could work in a man cave only if it included the naked girl.

Aside from Diane: Remember when testing colors to try them on several walls and check at different times during the day. Also, it’s very fun to write your name really big on a wall in the test color.

Time to bring it on

In the end, we had a winner in Caramel Sundae. Now it was time for our prize, spending the day prepping and painting (for those of you wondering–yes, I was being totally facetious when I said it was our prize). As we went around removing faceplates and wondering what the previous owners were thinking, we found the granddaddy of them all in “What were they thinking” category– purple paint with royal blue speckling. I wish I could lie and tell you it was in one spot, sadly as we removed more and more faceplates we found it behind each one. Can you imagine a room of that color?

But now, on to the good stuff! We slaved all day long (and took turns being slave master) to paint the room. Two gallons of paint, two edgers, and one paint roller, and many hours later, we were done.


Now orange you glad I went with the knock, knock joke?


One thought on “Orange You Glad to See Me

  1. It is a perfect color for a man cave….In fact, if Chuck Norris were to paint a room, it would probably be orange and it doesn’t get more manly than Chuck Norris.

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