An Afternoon of Stripping

No dollar bills were required for this afternoon spent stripping. The only dollar bills needed were the six for the chair and the 10 for the can of stripper.

We knew we needed to furnish the man cave and kind of tapped our furniture budget this year with the purchase of an awesome patio set and the bed for said man cave. The rest had to be either craigslisted or thrift shopped. Since we are trying to be more ecofriendly with this house we looked at both craigslist/thrift stores because they are in line with our sustainability efforts (and our budget).

After sketching out the basic layout of the man cave, we knew what we needed two find– two chairs, a coffee table, and a dresser. One trip to Goodwill crossed two of those items off our list but today we are only going to talk about one. Here is our $6.97 chair in all its unfinished glory.

This chair had possibilities– new paint, new cushion, new fabric and we would be in business. First, we had to deal with the current stain. The stain was scratched in places and didn’t match the color scheme of the room. Good thing google is around. Did you ever wonder what people did before google? A few YouTube videos later I felt confident I could refinish anything (in a later post you’ll read how false YouTube stripping confidence will smack me down).

Armed with my can of stripper, I was ready to spend the afternoon saying I did something naughty– stripping.

Step one: remove cushioning

Check. It did take me a while to figure out how to pop out the pretty wooden plugs from the screw holes. Even managed to tighten the legs before heading on to step two.

Step Two: Get protective gear

At first I ignored this rule thinking I’ll be good and not burn myself. A few burns later, I was running for the protective gear. Remember you are not invincible and just wear the protective gear. You’ll feel much better.

Step Three: Tarp it up

Lay out a tarp so that you are not using the stripper to try to remove the paint from the driveway before your boyfriend gets home to see what type of mess you make when he leaves you alone.

Step Four: Stripping Time

The can of stripper came with this handy-dandy squirt bottle. I loved it.

Let me tell you, it’s not as easy as you think it might be to take a picture of yourself stripping a chair, so I used Greg during my test run. Here is how the stuff works, squirt, give it a few minutes, scrape off, repeat. Super easy but watch out if the stripper gets on you because it will burn.

This is what happens to the stain after you apply the stripper. It kind of looks like the B squad’s skin at a strip club.

You just scrape it off and you have the natural wood.

Step Four: Wash it off

Wash off the chair when you are finished stripping. Additional benefits include soothing the burns from not wearing protective gear and cleaning paint of the driveway.

Step Five: Sanding

Once the chair dries off, you are able to sand it. This will help even out the wood and remove those hard to get at spots of finish.

Step Six: Grab a Beer and Ooooh/Aaaaah

This step is pretty self-explanatory. Now our chair is ready to be painted and the cushions are ready to be reupholstered.

Next up– finding the fabric!