A Record Breaking Deal

A Record Breaking Deal

by Greg Hicks

A few weeks ago I found a box of 45s in the attic when I went to check on my leaking roof. Ever since then I’ve had a burning desire to play them and needed a record player. Craigslist offered record players cheaply but they came in these massive consoles which we had zero need for. I mean, we had Journey and Phil Collins albums to play.

Fast-forward to yesterday. We were in Manayunk for a brewfest and had time to kill before the fest began. After popping in and out of a bunch of stores, we ended up at Pottery Barn (not my idea). My girlfriend has me trained to always check the sale rack because there could be a deal plus she sometimes yells at me when I pay full price. Down on the bottom shelf, tucked away in the corner was a black briefcase. I’ve always been interest in work related items such as suits and briefcases since I have zero need for them as a mechanical engineer.

When I went to open it– inside was a record player!

Unlocking two more latches revealed side speakers. Turning it around showed iPod hook up.

This was undoubtedly cool but I was weary about the price since it was Pottery Barn. Then we saw this:

$29 for a $299 record player?!?!?! Ummm yeah! Diane can’t complain about this deal, it’s 90% off. We hustled up to the counter to confirm the price and see about a later pick up due to our beerfest. Both items were confirmed and they gave us the claim ticket for a later pick up time.

Fast-forward again to 8pm Saturday night and I have my record player setup in the man cave. I was comfortably relaxing on the couch listening to Footloose and Danger Zone for the rest of the night.

Thrift stores here I come for more records!

Side note from Diane: A monster has been created.


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