An Overgrown Wasteland

Our front yard has been looking like an overgrown wasteland since it turned warm. Things have just been growing and they aren’t pretty things unless you have a passion for two foot high dandelions and other questionable weeds.

The previous owners had a love for flower pots. We have found at least ten of them scattered throughout the front and backyard. Only and handful of them are in decent shape. Two are plastic Teddy bears holding a honeypot of flowers. Now you can see why I refer to this as a wasteland.

Slowly but surely I’ve been working on the frontyard during lunch. Just the little bit of non-grassy area required two yard waste bags. I curse myself for not having visual evidence of the jungle. Bonus points though for not getting poison whatever again!

My parents picked up lovely green ceramic pots as a housewarming present for Greg and put purple flowers on them (not counted in the wastelands tally because these are 1- pretty, 2- match the house, and 3- not chipped/broken/looked like they’ve been through a war). I decided to bring in the purple flowers for the flower beds and here is our final result.


Pretty, clean (well we still need to leaf blow everything), and welcoming. Good-bye wasteland, hello flower garden!



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