1001 Staple Removing Nights

Ok, maybe not 1001 nights of staple removing but I felt like Scheherazade with her on-going evening task.  Both tasks revolved around the men in our lives– she was telling a story to save her life and I was torturing my fingers for a man cave.

I previously posted about my afternoon of stripping the chair,  but did not mention the next step.  Step two was painting the chair.  I will spare you all of the details because it would be about as exciting as watching paint dry (pun intended), so we shall move on to step three- removing the seat cover.

Ugh, I had known it was going to be this torturous I might have demanded favors or jewelry from Greg.  My fingers are still feeling the pain but they would be feeling less pain if they had sparkly jewelry on them in appreciation (hint, hint since my birthday is coming up).

Back to the task at hand, humoring you all with my “I saw the youtube video, it can’t be that hard” attitude.  When researching reupholstering online, it didn’t look that difficult.  Remove some staples, glue some foam, staple fabric.  Bada bing, bada boom and done.

Please feel free to start snickering now.

I removed the seat and back of the chair before stripping the frame and now it was time to find them in the garage.  Since we have multiple projects going on, the garage looks like a house project bomb exploded.  I will not be posting pictures of that because no one needs to see our mess besides the contractors and family.  And possibly our spying, nosey neighbors.

Once I found them the long, arduous process of destapling began.   Things you should not use to remove them include—a desk staple remover, a butter knife, or a metal nail file.  MacGyver might have been able to do it with any of those tools, but I lack MacGyver’s cleverness.

Now comes some of my Scheherazade comparisons—we both went in to our tasks thinking, a few nights and we will be done.  Ha!

I grabbed my trusty tools—needle nose pliers, flat-head screwdriver, and some other sort of pliers which I don’t know what they are called.

First ease the screwdriver under the staple and wiggle it.  Once it pops up a bit, pull it out with the needle nose pliers.   The chair had a bottom cover for the wood and then a cover over the padding.  False confidence came removing the bottom cover.  It was a piece of cake.

The cover over the padding was a bit more difficult.  Then a few staples into that layer, I found out there was the original cover on it!  The final layer was the worst one to do.  Ugh.  Evenings were spent doing the same motion with moments of whining to Greg punctuating my groaning.

The more I looked at the bowl of staples, the more I felt like Scheherazade and her never ending task. Fortunately the destapling had a rhythmic feeling to it.  Lift a few staples up, pull them out, lift a few staples up, pull them out.

As I worked, I built two piles- trash and save.  I saved the top fabric layer to use as a pattern for the new fabric.  Everything else became trash.

Scheherazade and I both completed our project after a few nights and we both felt satisfied.  She became a princess and I was promised a birthday tiara.

Next up– foam and fabric!


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