Going Bananas

Who doesn’t love ice cream? I would eat it every night for dessert but then I would have to run a half marathon every day too. If only there was some other substitute.

Rewind to procrastination time yesterday when I stumbled upon an ice cream substitute. It was fiberful and super healthy. Oh and very easy to make (key to any recipe).

Too good to be true . . . Or maybe not.

All you do is freeze a ripe banana (peel first or else you are trying to figure out how to peel a frozen banana which is not fun), a packet of splenda, and a tablespoon of cocoa powder.

Cut the banana up and throw it in the blender or food processor with all the other ingredients and blend/process away. In the end you will have something that looks like soft serve ice cream and tastes like chocolate banana ice cream. If it looks a bit chunky, add a splash of milk and whirl it around the machine again.

While looking up how to peel a frozen banana (seriously), I read how you can add different extracts to make a variety of flavors such as rum banana or vanilla banana. Such possibilities but we settled for chocolate banana.

Throw a few rainbow jimmies on and enjoy!


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