Meeting of the Minds

As we’ve begun working on house projects,  I’ve come to realize there are two different thought processes going on.  Greg has a very analytical way of handling projects due to his engineering background.  Whereas I’m more artsy with my thought processes.  One would think with my MBA, I might have some of his analytical thinking but no.  My degree is in International Marketing which is as free thinking as a business person can get.

With one of our most recent projects our two ways of thinking definitely clashed and mine was crushed (mostly due to the fact that Greg had the power tools).

Our family room has a wet bar in the closet.  One day we will get rid of the sink and turn it into a storage closet but until then, I wanted to make the doors a bit prettier.  Our family room has a Paris theme which started because Greg’s mom found him these fabulous Eiffel Tower lamps at Target.  Then I found another Paris themed lamp at HomeGoods and we hung up two prints we got in Paris.  Poof!  A french themed room.

Back to the task at hand– making our doors pretty.

Our nice and boring doors (with our Paris lamp from HomeGoods).  They needed a change and I found two gorgeous fleur de leigh knobs on eBay.  They matched the color of the room and were sparklily.  Sparklily being key reason for the purchase.

After being lost by our mailman, the knobs arrives and I rushed downstairs to replace the current knobs.

New problem– the hole was too big.  Fortunately Greg found a YouTube video on how to fix the door! (and he was more successful with his YouTube video trying than me).

First he needed his tools.

Notice the coffee among his tools . . . no project gets accomplished unless he has had a giant 24oz of Wawa coffee.

Diane’s way of fixing it  (WRONG)

Remove knobs.  Add spackle.  Sand, paint.  Done!

Greg’s way of fixing it (RIGHT)

First we removed the old knobs.  Greg picked up a wooden dowel to fill the current hole.  Drill the hole to fit the dowel. Stick dowel into the hole until it looks like something out of Ghostbusters.

Cut the dowel leaving enough to pull it out of the hole.  Add some wood glue into the hole and stick the dowel back in.  Sand the dowel down to the door level.   Paint to match the door.

Now on to putting the new knobs on the door.  Again my method failed.

Diane’s way

Eyeball it and make two dots on the door for placement.  Drill and insert.  Done!

Greg’s way

Bust out the level.  Bust out the tape measure and put two dots on the door.  Ensure the dots are level.

Make sure the dots are the exact same spot on both doors.  Stand back and look.  Measure again.  Measure one more time before bring out the power tools.

Drill in holes and screw in new knobs.  Check with the level again.

Have a sip of coffee and glaze happily at your handy work while being very thankful you know where the power tools are kept and got to do the job right.

Maybe he won out on the method because he’s seen my “let’s eyeball it” handy work with the pictures I hung in my apartment.  A few weeks later he really won when I measured to ensure a picture would be in the middle of the wall before hanging it.  I won when I refused to use the level.

I suppose all relationships end up being a give and take other than me giving Greg new knobs and him taking on the work of installing.


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