If You Were Here

When Greg started going through the house process, an author I love started doing the same thing. She took to her blog to share all the horror stories of house hunting we knew so well. Jen Lancaster has been taking all her readers through her house project and sharing her stories of tackling projects with her husband. Her most recent book, If You Were Here, is the story of a couple who bought a house and how they handled renovating it.

The other day she came to Philadelphia for a book signing and I had the pleasure of meeting her. She talked about pink toilets (which the house had), wallpaper (check again), and plantation shutters (seriously, did she tour this house). If anyone ever wants to get a house or has gotten one, I recommend reading her novel. You’ll see yourself in the characters and can’t stop laughing as chaos ensues.

When I got to meet her, I started talking about our wallpaper and pink toilets. Her face says it all about pink toilets.

Jen Lancaster was lovely in person and I urge you to read all of her books!


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