The Value of Me Proposition

For most projects in our house, we’ve tried to tackle them ourselves or with the help of our parents.  Every now and then one (or two) projects allude us.  We might be handy, we might build up our confidence by watching hours of HGTV but sometimes a professional needs to be called just like the Ghostbusters (who you gonna call . . . Ghostbusters doo doot doo doot doo).  Try as we might, spending four hours attempting to install a door is a sign we’ve encounter a task for professional.

This is where my proposition, “The Value of Me” fits in.  “The Value of Me” asks is it worth my time to attempt if it is cheaper/easier/faster to have a professional handle.  It’s not that we don’t like to try tasks ourselves but there are times when it’s better to have a professional attempt it.  Example- Should we spend $80 to have a professional fix something that will cost me $40 but several hours to figure out.


For us, “The Value of Me” needed to executed with doors– bathroom, office, basement, and upstairs.  Greg, his dad, and his uncle spent the better part of one afternoon attempting to replace the bathroom door.  By the five hour mark, the decision to call a professional was made.

Enter “The Value of Me” proposition.  We figured since we were going to have someone in, let’s have them fix a few more things (price dependent).

We met with Nick from SLP Builders and presented him with our list.  Fix the bathroom door, figure out what to do in the basement, and give me office closet doors (Seeing my craft supplies can be very distracting during the work day).  His itemized price list aided us in seeing the value  to contract the work out.  “The Value of Me” made it’s first (and so far only) appearance.

The next day Nick and Phil arrived to solve our problems and to keep me company.  Once hearing this might make it to the blog, Phil wanted it to be clear that they should be referred to as SLP Builders Plus, noting he was the Plus.  A few hours later, we had a closing bathroom door and I had closet doors.

Next up– basement doors.  We have a finished basement with doors along one wall, hiding the washer/dryer/sink area.  The house came with sliding doors but they kept hitting the washer/dryer which was not good.  We needed a new solution and Nick drew up a plan.


In two days, they transformed the basement into a polished looking room.

“The Value of Me” proved to be a smart decision on our part.  We would not have been able to complete all the door tasks as efficiently or as nicely as SLP Builders.  Sure, I could have gotten many humorous posts out of our efforts to replace the basement doors but I might have gotten frustrated at laundry time.

Let’s just save all those humorous posts for when we paint the doors (7 of them!).  And before you ask– yes, we will be adding door knobs.


2 thoughts on “The Value of Me Proposition

  1. So um… how are you going to open those door before you put on the doorknobs? That might have to be your next priority 😉

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