A Weekend of Winning!

Ever have one of those weekends that never seems to have any sort of down time?  Welcome to our past 72 hours.  We had a nonstop agenda this weekend complete with house projects, shopping, half marathons, multiple trips to Lowe’s, and lots of WINNING.  House projects sandwiched our weekend starting with a painting party on friday and ending with furniture assembly sunday night.  Yep, we are totally a wild and crazy bunch.

Friday afternoon started with Greg working on my “a courtin'” present (the island) with a trip to Lowe’s for paint chips.  Followed a few hours later with another trip for paint.  Followed by yet another trip to pick up our countertop.  Yes, three trips within 7 hours to Lowe’s.  On our last trip, we ended up buying a few items on our way to pick-up the countertop and then buying an LED light-up ice bucket (on a great sale –WINNING!) on the second time to the checkout.  The cashier did give us the “seriously, you’re back again look” the second time checking out a few minutes later and even more so when we refuse bags because we forgot our reusable bags.

Yes, we are those crazy people who now feel guilty about taking a plastic bag from a store (WINNING! for the environment).

Fast-forward through Saturday and most of Sunday.  Both of us are pretty sore after the half marathon (PR time for me of 3:14:05 woohoo WINNING!) and we wanted to celebrate with a beer.  The perfect way to cap off the beer was by putting together the LED light bucket for our beer.  Five minutes to take it out of the box, five minutes to find enough AA batteries, and two minutes to screw it together– done!  The perfect way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend (WINNING!).

Now with one of the six LED colors one.

Fortunately our race medals are also bottle openers (WINNING!).


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