Welcome home, Chase

A few years ago, my awesome sister (no sacarsm) tracked down a Chase Utley growth chart for me as a birthday present.

Ok, fine. I tracked down the growth chart on eBay and sent her the link. In the end it was win-win for the both of us, she did not have to figure out a present and I got a life-size Chase.

Since the move he’s been rolled up in the basement, patiently waiting for us to get our act together regarding the basement decor. We like to believe he was rehabbing down there using the weights we left out for him.

In honor of his return to CBP, we had to unroll him and hang him up on the wall with the red tacks bough especially for him. He now stands beside Jay Wright (swoon) and Brian Westbrook on our walls.

Welcome home, Chase. I’ve missed you.


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