Jay Wright Approved

Rainy days are good for a few things– naps, movies, and finishing the wildcat mural.  The past few days have provided me with enough time (and rain) to finish the mural.  If you haven’t been following, (onetwo, three, and four) cover the first four steps of my painting.  When I last blogged, the mural just needed some touching up.

Sounds nice and easy but it was long and tedious.  The white paint had to be applied several times due to darker paint showing through.  Then I realized I had paint on my hand after smearing it on the wall (and mural).  If you are going to attempt a mural, constantly check you hand for paint.

The navy lines had to be straightened by using green tape.  Essentially I had to repeat most of the applying of the navy blue again.  But the end results were worth it.

Don’t you agree?  Because Jay Wright does.

Now a close-up.

I’ve learned a few things through this process:

1) Magic erasers work great on removing wet paint.  If you drip in a few (ok, more than a few) spots, apply the corner of a damp magic eraser and it’s like it never happened.

2) Green tape is your friend.  Seriously.  Nothing gets through that sucker.

3) Mood music is important– make your playlist accordingly.

4) The projector not only helped with tracing the image but also continued to provide plenty of bright light for painting.

5) Take your time estimate and triple it.

One more time (with the room in order), doesn’t it look awesome??


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