A Change in the Lineup

A few weeks ago, I ordered the 2009 & 2011 Phillies Facial Hair poster to hang in our Phillies themed guest bathroom.  We even planned our trip to Joann’s to pick up our other framing order around the delivery of the posters.  They came and they were awesome.  Only it kind of made me miss Werth– his facial hair definitely stood out in the previous years’ posters.

Our original plan was to have the Phanatic painted on our big empty wall but plans change especially when you realize the room is on the low end of your priorities (redecorating/remodeling-wise).  We decided to play around and with our newly framed artwork and see where it took us.  But first Greg needed his tools.

Yes, Mr. Level made an appearance.  The only reason Mr. Coffee didn’t come out to play was due to the fact Greg picked up an iced coffee on the way to Joann’s and finished it on the ride home.  If it was a regular coffee, you know it would make it in the picture.

Last year for Greg’s birthday,  I picked up the 2010 version and had it framed in a burgundy frame.  Joann’s was still selling the same color frame and we had our newest ones framed to match.  Side note: If you are thinking about having something custom framed, take it to Joann’s.  They have the best prices around (we checked), a wide selection, and will match all coupons.  Just check www.mycraftcoupon.com to find who has the best deal.  Each of the Phillies frames worked out to be about $40 each.

The 2009 poster was smaller than the 2010 & 2011 posters, we we moved that to be over the toilet.

We then played around with placement on the opposite wall for the 2010 &2011 posters.  Once we decided on the spots, Greg measured– only after checking for studs.  Whereas I just stared at my stud (hahahaha).

Then came out our friend Mr. Level.

Measuring some more.

Erasing some lines.

Leveling again.

Do you think Charlie goes through this much work when adjusting his lineup?


Ok, one more adjustment.

The prints are pretty cheap on Etsy, in fact, the artist was selling all three for $25.  If you are a Phillies fan and appreciate good facial hair, check them out.  If you don’t want to buy them but still enjoy the facial hair, come and use our guest bathroom.


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