Diane, Diane how does your garden grow?

With lots of great veggies!

Welcome back, sorry about the few quiet days but I had a birthday to  celebrate and you didn’t need to read posts about beer fests, rooftop bars, family dinners, and a Phillies game.  Now back to the task at hand, filling you in on our backyard brew.  A few weeks ago, the dad came over to help plant all the veggies we picked up and some that he grew.  My dad grows several items from seeds and kindly shared part of his stash.

I am happy to report, I have not killed everything in the garden (yet).  On one side of our garden box, we have raspberries, romaine, and jalapenos.

Look, fresh raspberries!

Romaine ready for a salad.

On this side we have tomatoes and zucchinis.

Flowers on the zucks!

Flowers on the tomatoes!

Just call me farmer Diane.

Here we have some rainbow swiss chard.

Ohh and our herbs– basil and cilantro.

As we were walking around the backyard, we started noticing strawberries growing everywhere– in random pots, in the middle of the grass, and all around the patio.  We might start calling our backyard strawberry fields forever.


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