It’s the Final Countdown!

Good evening all and welcome to the last installment of Greg makes his princess an island.  In our previous posts we discussed our plan/beginning steps and first construction steps/dreaded curse.  Today you will get to ready about the final steps of how to build  your own island (illustrated).  The illustrated part being all the pictures I tend to include.

For those of you who were breathlessly waiting and getting impatient with the delay– sorry!  We decided to head to the art museum on Sunday for the Marc Chagall exhibit.  Plenty of inspiration was to be found for house related painting and ideas.  Marc Chagall even created a painting for his betrothed just like Greg is building an island for his (ok, we’re not there yet but one day we will).

Now back to the task at hand, finishing the tale of how my prince built me an island. After we added the trim, we cut moulding to fit over the corners where the wainscoting met.  We did this to make the island look cleaner.  It’s a step which could be skipped over if you did a great job of cutting the wainscoting but for the few bucks it cost, my recommendation is to add it.  The edging provides a finished look on the painted island.  We added the fancy bracket things.  For the life of me, I have no idea what they are called.  You find them with all the moulding at Home Depot and you use them as a fancy support.  The store had several options– we went with the cheaper option.  For less than the price of a really fancy-pants one, we got two scrolly ones.

Now you have a visual for the things I don’t know the official name of.  Plus you got a preview of the countertop since I did not have pictures of either of the two without it.  Greg then wood putty filled some of the nail holes and the crack between the two pieces of wainscoting we used on the front.  After it dried, he sanded it down.

Which leads us to the day Greg went to Lowe’s three times.  We planned on painting the island on a friday night and since Greg had time to use, he took a half day to run errands and go to Lowe’s for the paint.  Since our kitchen cabinets are cream with a strip of wood trim on the bottom, Greg decided to paint the island in cream to match.  We left the doors and drawer in the wood tone to match the wood strip on the cabinet.

On his way home, he picked up a giant stack of possible colors (75 samples) during trip #1 to Lowes.

I bet you thought I was joking about the 75.  We weeded it down to three and by process of elimination, this color was crowned champion.  Look at how good it matches!

After a hearty lunch at Zakes, Greg made trip #2 to Lowes for Swiss Almond paint and a few other items . . . and probably a coffee.  Then it was time to get down to business.

Or not.  Lowe’s called us just as we were debating between painting or ordering dinner to say the countertop was in and ready for pick up.  After more debating about what to do and some drawing of straws to pick the order, we had a game plan.  Go to Lowe’s to pick it up, pick up dinner on the way home, eat and then paint.

Sounds good, right? We thought so too.  Off to Lowe’s we went.

Two hours later, we were ready to start playing.  Since we had the countertop paired with the fact I can be fairly impatient, the countertop went on the island to see the effect.

Amazeballs.  The only word which could describe what Greg accomplished.  Amazeballs.

Even without all the doors and drawers, it completes the kitchen.

We stopped playing around because it was business time.  Paint can open  Brushes handy.  80s music on.  It was go time.  Two coats done in two very different styles and we were almost there.

On to the next step– attaching the countertop.  First Greg applied liquid nails all on the top part of the cabinet.

With the easy part out of the way, it was time for our frustrations to begin.

Big time.

We got the counter on but adjusting it led to many short comments to each other.

“Hold it.”

“Stop moving.”

“Press down harder.”

“A little bit this way.”

“Just a little more.”


Ok, that sounded a bit dirty but we finally had the counter with the proper overhang in all spots.  Then I hopped up to supply a little weight while Greg screwed it in.  10 minutes later it was done.  A month of hard work and we were ready to see the results.


The scrolly bracket things and our chairs from

The $30 rounded corner.

Storage room!

Greg’s dad pointed out how it made our surf board shaped light look like it fit in the room.

The man with the plan, the tools, and a coffee.  Plus, the best boyfriend a girl can have.


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