It’s Alive!!

Seriously, my garden is alive!  In fact, we are overwhelmed with all the fresh romaine from the six plants.  When I posted about the garden nine days ago, I did not expect to have three harvests of lettuce between now and then.  Sure, I thought we’d get a few during the summer but nothing like the amount we have been clipping.

The plants 9 days ago.

Soon after taking this picture, I cut this bowl of leaves.  For those of you who have never cut romaine fresh (about 90% of you), you clip the leaves off starting at the bottom to allow the plant continued growth.  The plants grow upward and now are about two feet tall with the remaining leaves at the top.  I even had to tie one to a stake so it didn’t fall over.

Bowl #1 on the fabulous island!

A few days later, bowl number #2 came into the house.

Which bring us to today’s crop, Bowl #3.

A little smaller than the others but just as mighty.  Now I bet you are wondering how I keep the leaves fresh or how much salad I’ve eaten in the past few days.  Here are answers to both those questions.

I wash the lettuce and give it whirl in the salad spinner because the spinner is fun.  It’s like the gravitron ride but for lettuce.  Then I put a paper towel in the bottom of a gallon size plastic bag and place one third of the leaves.  Place another paper towel, another third.  One more time!  Julia Child recommended the paper towel method of keeping your lettuce fresh and it hasn’t failed me yet.

Next question, we’ve been eating it with every meal.  Greg brings a bit with him for lunch in his spinach salad and I have some with my lunch.  Then we have some for dinner.

One of the best parts about eating produce you grow yourself is that it can be organic.  I say can be because it’s based upon what sprays you use on the plants to keep the bugs away.  I’ve been using an organic bug spray which means, our produce can be classified as organic.

But right now I feel like Dr. Frankenstein because IT’S ALIVE!!!


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