Rubbing One Out

In honor of paying off the last $1500 of my graduate school student loans, I decided to finish decorating the diploma wall of my office.  Ever since I started obsessing over Young House Love, I started obsessing over one of the decals their sponsor, Belvedere Designs made. Then I started obsessing over how well it would look in the office.

Seriously, it was at least once a week I looked at the site and picked colors for this decal.

Originally I framed my tassels and Mercy medal in a shadowbox but the size of the space just dwarfed the shadowbox.  Then I saw the quote and knew it would be perfect.

Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort.  Theodore Roosevelt.

Even more perfect is the paper collage I have of Teddy from high school on the office wall.  This quote seemed perfect for what I worked so hard to achieve:  two degrees, a minor certificate, an article on the front page of the neighbors section of the Inquirer.  My budget this month had some wiggle room in the house category and it was time.

After emailing my sister back and forth regarding color last Monday, I ordered it in silver, and it arrived this Monday.  Ideal timing to fill the empty spot on my wall.  Ok, technically Greg’s wall since it is his house.

If you noticed, I waited two whole days to put this up.  Very impressive for an impatient person like myself.  Directions came in the box and photo instructions were posted online.  Essentially it was like applying a giant rub on tattoo but cooler and more permanent.

Now for the most shocking part of this project, I used Mr. Level.   It wasn’t even Greg’s suggestion!  I knew this needed to be applied correctly and used painters tape to create a line on the wall for me to use, checking with the level.

Now on to the rubbing.  We had to rub the back to activate the adhesive for a few minutes and then start pulling it off.  I began this process.

Then Greg took over– something about him being more patient.

We then put it on the wall and I demanded to do some more of the rubbing.  Greg rubbed his half and I did mine.

Slowly we started the unveil as we pulled the backing off.

Ta-dah! Or as Greg likes to say, “Wa-lah!”

Total time to complete the project was about 20 minutes.  Total time for me to finally decide to buy it and pick a color was about 4 months.


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