Just Moosing Around

A long time ago in a room not to far away, we started creating a man cave for Greg.  Then I stopped blogging about it after we painted the room but things have been steadily occurring the room since.  Why did I stop talking about this room?  Mostly because I got lazy and didn’t want to do 18 posts about nothing when I could condense it into three.  Not that I have three posts ready regarding the orange man cave.

Our concept for the man cave was simple– create a room where Greg could chill, play guitar, and hang out with the guys but still be functional as a bedroom.  We didn’t need a full or queen size bed in the room but we needed something which is where our idea of a daybed came from.  The daybed could give a look of a couch and yet still be practical.  After much searching and calling furniture stores, we settled on a bed from Amazon because it didn’t scream girly daybed.  It screamed slightly chic and manly.  Surprisingly it was affordable.

Laura even volunteered to help me put it together while Greg worked on homework.  Heck, I didn’t even have to feed her. Side note- thanks Laura!

We dressed the bed with our Groupon purchased mattress ($70 total for the mattress including groupon) and realized the orange dust ruffle did not look good at all against the orange wall.  But the two additional pillow shams from HomeGoods looked fabulous.  I added a button to the middle of all the pillows to give it more of a finished look.

Then I got all crafty.  I ripped apart (using the seam ripper and not scissor Mom) the dust ruffle to free the orange fabric which I then sewed into two big rectangles, stuffed with fiberfil and sewed them up to create bolster pillows on the side of the bed.  In the words of Greg, “Wa-lah!”

Ok, enough about the bed decoration and onto the moosing around part of this post.

The original concept of the room was to showcase Greg’s guitar and guitar paraphernalia.   Then he ordered a white moose head.

Yep, you read that right, a moose head.  How did he find said moose head?  Well, I sent it to him as a joke.

Now we have to tie the room together and my moose chair wasn’t going to cut it.  And now you know why we have a moose chair in the man cave– to go with the moose head.  Where on earth would a person find something to tie moose and guitars together thematically?


For those of you who have never spent time on Etsy, start.  It’s a multitude of artists who sell their wares in an easily searchable format.  Since it’s about six months to Christmas, I started browsing for ideas when I stumbled upon this when searching for guitars.

In the words of the Dude, it tied the room together.

Then I got this one to go with it for the gentlemanly appeal.   If you are wondering, the artist is Coco de Paris and has quite an eclectic selection in his store.  Even Michael’s had frames to match the odd size and it was 40% off with another 25% off.  Score!  Sadly they only came in black, so I painted them with left over chair paint.

Let’s tie bed and artwork together for you.

Perfection.  Ok, not perfection yet because we have all those boxes under the bed to deal with.  My goal is to put three of these large baskets under the bed but have to wait until Pottery Barn has a massive sale because there is no way my budget can handle $54 on a single basket.

Until then, I can dream and enjoy a room tied together.


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