A Total Paint-gasm

Over the weekend, Manayunk held their annual Arts Fest and we strolled down Main Street viewing the artists wares and imagining what some of the $600 paintings would look like in our one day complete (or even started) living room. Last year we attended and Greg picked up a few pieces for the house he was so patiently waiting for during the short sale process. This year we knew what rooms needed item and could shop around those parameters and budget. The main street was covered with vendors as far as the eye could see and crowds which made you wish it was about ten degrees cooler.

Did we stick to our budget and parameters? Nope but we did not go over budget in the least. Dinner cost more than what we purchased.

The main point of the Arts Fest was to find ideas and inspiration for the house. Every booth where we saw something we liked, we grabbed a business card. Several of the artists attend the Sugarloaf Craft Festival (coming this fall) and we can always go back to them then if we are ready to purchase.

Now on to our finds! Of course the first booth we hit is sports prints. Greg could have spent hours there gazing over the Eagles, 76ers, Phillies, and Villanova images.

After prying him away with a promise to come back when we left, we made it to the next booth where in the words of my friend Michele, I had a total swoon. The distressed look of the tin seemed to call out for our master bedroom walls. The distressed look on my face arrived after viewing the prices. I am all about buying something created rather than buying something mass produced even if there is a significant difference in price (to an extent). Maybe it’s my years of art training but I like the personal touch to items.

Aren’t they totally swoon-worthy? I’ve been mentally trying to figure out how I could create them myself. Once I do, it will definitely be a post.

Typically I am attracted (visually) to photographs but this year, Greg and I seemed to drift into every booth which offered paintings. At the next booth we had our first paint-gasm. A paint-gasm is more than a swoon, it’s the moment you find something that completely clicks with what you like and want. Surprisingly, our paint-gasm occurred with paintings of doors. Doors?!?

It’s fine if you don’t get the same warm and fuzzy feeling we got over these door paintings, that’s what is great about art– the discuss it brings over what you find appealing/repulsive about it. Maybe it was the colors or the texture or the welcoming nature of a door, but we were in love. Now I just need $1200 for a pair of them.

Moving on, we needed a beer sample break. Thank you to the sponsors of Manayunk Arts Fest for providing this delightful and refreshing stop. We highly recommend the Sunset Wheat and Honey Weiss for you next case.

Then we found the best lawn ornament ever and it could be ours for a few thousand dollars. What do you think?

Too Neuman dying in Jurassic Park for the front yard? I kept telling Greg, rawr was dinosaur for I love you but the dinosaur still didn’t come home with us.

Our next stop was at Main Street Music once Greg saw the sign about LPs. I guess since he made out like a bandit in Manayunk with the record player, he wanted to see if he could with records.

Two records later (The White Stripes and something else), we were back out on Main Street where the first Arts Fest purchase was made. I’ve been searching for a wind chime to hang in the backyard but haven’t been able to find one I like. The selection at HomeGoods was too cheap looking and the stores in Ocean City offered super fancy wind chimes.

Then we found Tempest in a Teapot and their hand-crafted wind chimes made out “carefully selected reclaimed flea market silver plate pieces that are between 50 and 120 years old.” Hanging old silverware out in the backyard might seem hillbilly to some people, but these reminded me so much of my Aunt Marie and a ring of hers I used to wear. When she died, we went through her jewelry box and my mom let me have Aunt Marie’s silver spoon ring. For those of you who don’t know what type of ring I am talking about, it’s this.

Greg liked it for different reasons, mainly the fact it was recycled and it provided a template for something to try later. We went with the smaller version ($30) because the flattened and spiraled spoon appealed to us.

For a better view of the green one we purchased, here is some video we took of it yesterday.

A few booths down, Greg made his Arts Fest purchase– at the man cave booth. We originally saw Man Cave signs in orange or with glasses of beer and thought about them for the upstairs man cave. Then we saw these and knew the other ones stood no chance of making it in the house.

Yep, the Nova Man Cave sign is going next to the Wildcat logo in the basement. I thought we should have gotten the St. Joe’s one too since I went there for grad school but the Hawk is only allowed in the house in the form of my diploma. $19 later, the man cave has it second piece of wall art of the weekend. The first being Greg’s Tri Medal.

Walking along, we found more inspiration for the key dilemma in our kitchen. We never know what to do with our keys- they seem to float around the room. This artist offered a gorgeous solution which we did not purchase but swooned over.

By this point, we were hot and tired and vendors were starting to close up shop. We headed back to the car but scored awesome Bolt shirts from Boltbus. They even had smalls!

We had a great day and found a ton of inspiration and few things for the house. But Greg was happy at dinner where he found more Moose ideas for his upstairs man cave.


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