I Carried a Watermelon

Over the weekend I was Greg’s date to his brother’s barbecue and we were making a very fun watermelon thing. As I carried the watermelon in, all I could think of was this moment from a very classic movie (Dirty Dancing) which every girl knows by heart.

“I carried a watermelon.”

Due to copyright issues, I can’t insert the clip but you can see it on YouTube here.

Not that people were dancing like this at Steve and Colleen’s, they were sitting around talking and enjoying each others company. Our watermelon could have had the same effect as Baby’s comment but we lucked out and it didn’t! Go us! On a side note, I will be helping Greg with his Swayze moves before Steve and Colleen’s wedding.

People seemed to want to try our watermelon jug drink thing and who wouldn’t want to try something out of this. In honor of the barbecues you (my readers) might be attending, here is how to make this awesome jug/drink. In case you are like us who see something on a blog and then have to attempt it.

We filled our watermelon with a very kid-friendly drink– watermelon lemonade. Although it would have been a bigger hit if there was some alcohol infused drink goodness inside. Most of the guests just wanted to try pouring a drink out of the spigot. The watermelon was good for a few hours before it started leaking around the spigot, therefore next time we need a few rubber washers for the outside and inside to keep it running longer.

Now I know you are all wondering how to create such a fun centerpiece for your drink table. It’s pretty easy, as long as you don’t get the pieces of hardware which will poison your guests. Surprisingly, Home Depot was quite helpful with this project after they laughed about it. You have to use brass fixture because galvanized metal will react with the lemons in a way that will make you sick.

What you will need

  • 1 watermelon with a somewhat flat bottom.
  • 1 spigot
  • 1 plug thing
  • lemonade
  • blender
  • pumpkin carving kit

Our watermelon didn’t have a very flat bottom so I used one of my collapsible mixing bowls to serve as the base. We carved the top off enough to allow one hand in to scrape everything out.

Then you start scraping everything out. Keep all of the watermelon you scrape out in a bowl because you will need some of it later. We lucked out and still had our pumpkin carving tools from a few years ago to use in this project. If you don’t have them, a spoon or spork will work just as well. You will start to have a watermelon that looks like this.

And a bowl that looks like watermelon afterbirth.

Every time I looked at it, all I could think about was JoBeth Williams pulling Carol Anne out of the vortex thing in Poltergeist and this being the goop she was covered in.

Once it was all scraped out, I blended the watermelon goop with the hand blender. Fortunately Greg was outside when watermelon juice shot all over the kitchen when I started using the hand blender. Ooops.

Our watermelon was seeded so when emptied the pureed watermelon into our pitchers, I strained it first. We used the frozen cans of lemonade and added about a cup of watermelon puree to each can and then the proper amount of water. Mix. Set aside. Originally Greg thought I would hold the juice filled watermelon during our 45 minute car ride. Ummm no. Needless to say we purchased pitchers from Walmart ($1 each) and will be used to hold ice coffee for Greg in the future.

Back to the watermelon. Greg took over for this part and didn’t even use Mr. Level. He marked on the watermelon where to put the hole and slowly started carving. He did not carve up to the black line because we wanted it a bit snug and kept carving and testing until it screwed in perfectly. (Post write up note- When I originally wrote this paragraphy it didn’t seem as dirty as it does now that I am reviewing it.)

He added the plug bit in the back to help stabilize and hold the spigot in.

We tested it. It worked. We did our happy dance and packed it up (not in my lap).

We noticed to get the drink out, it turned into a two person job– one to hold the cup and one to hold the spigot while turning the knob. Next time we will bring a box to keep it on so that people can put their glass on the table. I think no barbecue should be without you watermelon jug thing and it should probably be filled with an adult beverage.

Thanks to Steve and Colleen for having us over and not letting our “I carried a watermelon” moment into one like Baby’s!


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