Total Transformation Occurring

Ok, the total transformation hasn’t happened yet but we started the process with two trips to Home Depot.  You see, this is our mud room– land of the free-floating item. 

Since this picture was taken, the room has gotten worse.  We tend to put all of our extra groceries in here and they sit on the floor until I get tired of tripping on them, and rearrange the one shelving unit.  A few weeks later, the cycle repeats itself.

Until now. 

During our three-day weekend (four for Greg) this room is going from drab to fab with custom shelving, new flooring, new paint, lighting, and a lot of sweat/tears.  We are turning the mud room into a fully functioning pantry with built-in wine rack (wine rack pieces found on ebay by moi).  Below is Greg’s new rendering of the room.

We’ve learned not stay state verbally that it will be an easy project or that it shouldn’t take long because we do not want to anger the do-it-yourself gods.  We really need them on our side this weekend because we also really want to finish the powder room which has been in limbo since March (damn those edges we need to fix!). 

Of course, with this being a holiday weekend, we do intend to ring in the fourth with a few beers and a barbecue.  Hope everyone will have a wonderful and safe fourth of July!  I’ll try to post some action shots from the weekend.


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