Curb Appeal

All summer I’ve been working on curb appeal for the house by planting colorful flowers, saving the hydrangeas, and endless hours of weeding.  The one thing I couldn’t seem to save this past week were our pansies.  My parents dropped off these green pots full of purple flowers back in April but try as I might, the flowers seemed to be on a course for death over the last two weeks.

I didn’t want this to be the first image people had of the house as they came up to the door.

Luckily yesterday I won $20 on a $5 Phillies scratchy lotto ticket and put it towards making this less dead looking.  A quick stop at Mariano’s during my lunch break and $26 later, the pots were transformed!

So much friendlier looking and in Greg’s favorite color.  I picked up two Gerber daisies and potting soil and in ten minutes had them planted.  I even trimmed the giant bush next to it because it was obstructing the view on one pot.

Here is the welcoming view from the street.

Makes you want to come and visit, doesn’t it?


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