D@mn you, DIY Gods

Yes, I know you all want to read about our pantry project based upon the amount of people who emailed me about it yesterday.  Alas, we are not ready to post about it due to the fact we are about 95% done with the project.  After Greg’s marathon day of pantry work yesterday, we just wanted to relax.  He was especially tired after screwing 230 times.

We are blaming the DIY Gods on our delay.   Fortunately, Greg figured they would want to mess with us, so he took yesterday off just in case.

Instead of posting about one of our three weekend projects, I am going to talk about my internet addiction of Pinterest.com.   If you need to find anything, search on here.  Essentially it’s like mobile bookmarks with categories but you can follow/search/view everyone’s.

I’ve used this for house idea, DIY idea, helping my manager find wedding centerpiece ideas– pretty much anything you can imagine.  Greg even made Laura a birthday present off something we saw on Pinterest.  Sadly, I completely forgot to take a picture of the bracelet.  My bad. 

Here is what my boards looks like.

If you see something on amazon.com, you can put the pin button on your menu bar and click it to add the item to your boards.  I am telling you, it is highly addictive and fun.

Since the site is by invitation only, just send me a message and I will send you an invite.  You can request through the site but it take a week or long to get the invite from them whereas you will get it quicker from me.

Again, sorry for not posting about what you all want to read but it’s not done and I want to post them consecutively.  Plus, we just needed a little break from the pantry.


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