Another One Bites the Dust

Remember how I mentioned we can be lazy with projects. Well over holiday weekend I made darn sure another one of our lazy projects bit the dust. Back in March we painted our powder room from this awful green color to a cheery pale yellow. The green isn’t as awful as I make it out to be (since it is in our kitchen) but paired with the pink fixtures– yuck.

I never post about this project because I wanted to finish our “issues” before showing you the room.  And issues we had.

When Greg bought the house, it originally had pink fixtures to go with the lovely green color.

Yes, pink fixtures. You may shudder because everyone else did.  Fortunately, Greg’s dad replaced the vanity and toilet that weekend (thank you!). The room instantly turned into less of an eye sore. The previous owners painted over wallpaper and when Greg and his dad took down wall fixtures, we were left with spots of little house on the prairie wall paper.

So much better

So much better

Did I mention the Tiffany knockoff light fixture?

We knew we wanted to paint the room during our painting weekend back in March (when we painted the man cave). We picked up a new light fixture to replace the Tiffany knockoff which my dad installed a few days before since it had to be moved to be center with the vanity (Thanks dad!). Then came time to paint the room.


Do you know how many coats of paint it took to cover the green? We even used the paint with primer from Behr.


The tape was a nightmare to pull down because it was stuck by the paint. Typically, I pull the tape off before the paint fully dries to avoid this issue but we needed to see the paint in daylight to decide if it needed a fifth coat. Every day at lunch for the next few days I would slowly slice along the tape and pull it off. At one point, I even busted out the tweezers to remove little pieces of tape.

Our major problem popped up at this point, we had strips of green showing through from where it was covered by the tape.

Double ugh.

Over the next few lunches I would slowly paint the bottom part. Greg was in charge of the ceiling green because he is tall. After discussing the powder room for a few days, we decided to paint the ceiling to match the walls and went to Home Depot for the paint.  We felt since it’s a small room and a light color, it wouldn’t feel overpowering if we painted the ceiling.

Fast forward about a month and a half to 4th of July weekend and it still wasn’t done.  The paint migrated from the kitchen floor to the mud room floor to garage over the month and a half.

I told you, we are lazy sometimes but the paint got a brief tour of the house.

After painting the first coat on in the pantry, Greg painted the ceiling. Two coats later, we crossed another room off our list.

The ceiling and edges looked all better.

Now we just need to paint the door. Sigh.


2 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust

    • Do you know how often we’ve asked ourselve “why?” with the things the previous owners did. The door is new and needs to have a coat of white paint to make it looked finished which is the only reason we are painting the door.

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