Project Pantry- An Introduction

You all have been very patient waiting until I had time to blog about our pantry project and now it is time to reap your rewards.  For those of you just joining us, here is our design:

But first a guessing game—how many additional trips to the hardware store did we make over the course of this project? Not counting the original three when we picked up everything we thought we needed.

A. 2

B. 7

C. 5

D. 4

The correct answer is C! Thank you for playing along.

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post. Leading up to Project Pantry, we spent several hours in Home Depot and scouring the Home Depot website to ensure we had everything we needed (ha!) including:

  • Boob light to replace crappy light (What? It’s round and has a nipple. Boob light is an appropriate name.) $35
  • Two boxes of peel and stick flooring. $85
  • One gallon of Behr paint plus primer in Frostbite $25
  • One quart of stain $12.50
  • Two stain brushes $10
  • 20 brackets for the long wall $30
  • 10 brackets for the short wall $15
  • Two boxes of screws $12
  • Wood $73
  • Modular wine rack $60 (I had ordered the wine rack ages ago off eBay for this project but only ordered two rows.  After Greg designed the layout, we room for another row but the place had a minimum of two rows.  If we planned first and then ordered, it would have only cost me $40.  In the words of my dad, live and learn.)
  • Coffee
  • One awesome, talented boyfriend with power tools.  Priceless

What we had to get during the project

  • Lightweight spackle
  • Wall patching kit
  • Wall anchors
  • Light switch plate
  • Outlet plate
  • A second light switch plate when the first one didn’t fit
  • More brackets because we didn’t get enough/picked up the wrong amount.
  • Quarter round
  • More screws
  • Coffee
  • Beer/Margarita

We ended up finding the ideal wood for the project in Home Depot’s premium wood section since the other wood was seriously lacking/not what we wanted. For the long wall, we needed five 10” wide boards. Greg picked through every board in the pile comparing the knots and quality. Then he picked out three of the 12” wide wood for the shorter wall. All the while, I was making snarky comments about how the knots make it look like there are boobs on the plank (a la Georgia O’Keeffe) and to stop stroking the wood.

Yes, I am a 13 year old boy at heart.

I wanted a wider wood (hehehe) on the shorter wall to allow us to store the big bulk paper items from Costco. We measured the package we had at home and 12” was a perfect size for the bulk items. We measured the cereal boxes and knew 10” would be ideal for the longer wall.

We estimated the project would take us until Monday. Greg took Tuesday off as insurance time. We needed the insurance time. The overall cost for redoing the room ran about $450- $500 with the flooring, wine rack, and wood being our big ticket items. Sadly, I have no idea where all the receipts are so I can’t give you a full price breakdown of everything from our additional trips to the hardware store.

Tomorrow, we start with Friday and Saturday of the Project Pantry.


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