Project Pantry: Mike Holmes Unapproved

Welcome back to post two of our Pantry Project.  Friday afternoon (after being dismissed from work early), I started tackling our Mud Room. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the room and all its piles beforehand which means you will just have to use the older picture and imagine a lot more stuff.

What can I say, we like our stuff?

Since we have a plethora of reusable shopping bags, I sorted items into the bags based upon category—dinner, cleaning, breakfast, etc. This way when everything was brought back in, the unpacking would be organized. Here is a shot of all the items we stored out in the mud room, be sure to include everything on the dining room table too.

Do you know how many boxes of plastic freezer/lunch bags I found (various zippered sizes)? 10

Then I moved out the current shelving unit (off to the man cave closet!), wiped down the walls/floor, had a margarita, and called it a day.

Saturday morning we woke up and started working around 8:30 with a goal in mind—paint and install the flooring. Sunday was going to be dedicated to cutting and staining the wood, and Monday installing the shelves.

Hahahahahaha, we were so delusional.

The real schedule broke down like this:

  • Saturday- wall repair and painting
  • Sunday- Painting, floor installing, wood cutting
  • Monday- Wood routing, wood staining, marking the wall, Laura’s birthday dinner
  • Tuesday- Remarking the wall, screwing brackets, staining, installing shelves.

Saturday morning we brought down the record player, our LPs, and got Greg his coffee.  As you all know, he needs his coffee when he home projects.

First step was to fix our wonky wall. The drywall was soft in one spot where the previous owners patched it and we wanted to replace it. Greg googled drywall replacing and started on his merry way.  The first site he found told him to cut the wall from stud to stud.  Instead, he screwed some wood into the current drywall and attached the freshly cut drywall to that.  Much, much easier.

Just so you didn’t think I was sitting around, I took the mud room shelving up to the man cave to organize the room because it looked like a Greg bomb blew up. He had stuff everywhere but now it’s all organized (a post for another day). If I had a P-Touch label maker, I would have applied labels on the shelves (one day I will).

About 45 minutes into our day, it was time for our first trip to the hardware store for lightweight spackle and drywall seam tape. A quick jaunt to the local hardware store and we were set. I joked with the associate that I would probably be back soon to pick up something else.

Ten minutes after I got home Greg left for the hardware store because I refused to go back to the hardware store so soon after leaving. Yes, I can be a bitch like that but I can also be the awesome girlfriend who organized his man cave.

About an hour later we had the wall patched and spackled.  While that was drying we tackled the hanging drywall seam tape.  After realizing we needed joint compound, Greg let me go all crafty on trying to adhere the current seam tape.

Now I bet you are wondering how we could get crafty.  Well, I busted out the hot glue gun.  We hot glued the sucker back on the wall and then caulked it.  Mike Holmes and probably both our fathers would have had a field day and/or stopped us but none of them were here and we had a deadline.

Remember the drywall patch we just spackled– a half hour later it was still not dry.  Another half hour later, it still wasn’t dry.  Time to get crafty again.  If there was anything all my art classes taught me was to never under estimate the value of a hair dryer to help speed a project along.  20 minutes of sitting with my hair dryer solved the problem (Greg spent this 20 minutes painting his part of the bathroom).

By now it’s close to 3pm, we’ve played all our records, and really wish there was a magic paint fairy.  We pushed forward and got the first coat up and realized we never factored the trim into our timeframe.  Ooops.  Originally we planned to paint the room white (hence not thinking about the trim) but decided to do a very, very light green called Frostwork.  I found the paint chip with the darkest color being something similar to Greg’s kitchen and we chose the lightest one on the strip.  When we got home, the color on the strip matched the kitchen perfectly!  It took Greg 65 paint samples to match the cabinets and I nail the walls in one!

Greg did the final coat of paint in the bathroom while I made us margaritas.

Coat two went up in the pantry and we called it a night around 7pm.  Now I am calling it a night.  Stay tuned for Sunday.


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