Project Pantry: It’s a snap!

When we last left our homeowners, the mud room had begun it’s transformation.  They bought their supplies and took their first steps in total room transformation.  After an evening out, our heroes tackled day three of their project.

We were up bright and early to work on the pantry.  But before we could do anything, Greg needed some coffee and we needed to raid my parents vinyl collection for a few albums (yay Thriller!).  After one day, we got tired of the same eight records– you would think it was the changing of records which bothered us but no, just got tired of listening to the same records.

First up (after our little jaunt out), installing our new boob light.  Greg had never changed a light fixture but his engineering background gave him the confidence he could do it.  An hour later, we had a new light in the room.  Since I’ve already posted about it, I’m not going to bore you with it again.

Up next– painting the trim.  Surprisingly, the 11 year old trim paint left by the previous homeowners save us from having to run to the hardware store.  We applied two coats and played with the flooring while it dried . . . and maybe did the thriller dance too.

Our mud room is a step down from the kitchen so we removed the flooring off the front of the step in preparation for installing the flooring.

We went with a peel and stick faux wood flooring in cherry. The tiles come in 36″ x 6″ strips and are easy to break.

We chose this flooring for a few reasons– it’s easy of installation, the fact it was a floating floor, price, and how much nicer it looked than other peel and stick floors.  We opened the first box and were ready to go.  For the first row, you have to remove the top glue piece and lay it on the floor.  You continue until the wall, when you cut the piece to fit.  Since you need to stagger the look of the tiles, we would use the remnant of the end as the first tile in the next row.

Be sure to wipe down the floor before installing, and during installation.  We wiped down a second time before we put each tile down.  After the first row, we worked out a system– while Greg cut the end, I would use the previous remnant and begin the next row.  I wanted everyone to see how easy this flooring was to install, so I made video!  You scored the tile with a boxcutter and then snapped it.

An hour and a half later, we had 90% of the floor complete.  We had two spots where a custom cut piece was needed.  One spot was angled around the door jamb and the other was a sliver above the first row in front of the step.  Know how I previously said the flooring was a snap and super easy to install– it’s time for me to eat my words now.  The floor is great to break if you have a piece larger than two inches, anything less is very, very frustrating.  We spent another hour and a half cutting these two pieces.  Greg ended up whittling the two pieces to have perfect fit.

Then we cut a few pieces to fit the step and liquid nailed them in.  Sure liquid nails aren’t meant to work on flooring but (as of now) the piece is still pretty attached to the step.

Surprisingly, we only wasted two pieces of tile over the whole project!

After the floor is installed, you are supposed to roll over all the seams.  We didn’t have a roller, so I stomped for a half hour.  Sadly, no video of the stomping.

By now we were hungry and took a break for dinner.  I bet you are thinking, “Dinner?!?! You’ve just started.”  Well, by the time the light and the trim was up, the time was somewhere after 2pm.  Three hours for the floor brought us until 5pm.  Cleaning up and you are looking at 6pm.

While I grilled dinner, Greg started cutting the wood for the shelves.  He cut all the lengths while I cooked and then cut the corner angles afterward.  We did have an ooops at this point.  He didn’t factor in the wood width difference (one set is 10″ and the other is 12″).  Maybe doing math on a piece of spare wood was the problem.

Somewhere in the 9pm hour, we had all our wood cut, all our dishes washed, and Independence Day cued up in the DVD player.  We called it a night and enjoyed Will Smith lament how he could have been at a BBQ.  After a full two days of home repair, I kind of agreed with him.


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