Mission: Organization

It’s been three weeks since we finished 98% of the pantry and over those three weeks we have yet to finish the last two percent (staining the new wine rack piece and installing the quarter round) but I have been obsessed with organizing the pantry.

More obsessed that Greg is with Mr. Level.

You see, before we had all of our staples scattered around the kitchen, lost in the back reaches of cabinets never to been seen again.  I love stockpiling items so I can cook something on the fly or not have to constantly run to the store.  Back in my apartment, I had an entire cabinet dedicated to toilet paper– roll upon roll as far as the eye could see.

But before I started putting items into the new pantry, I needed a game plan.  The shorter wall was going to hold cleaning supplies, paper products, extra plastic bags and so forth.  The long wall require much more organization and grouping of items into relevant groups.   So this is what I decided.

The items we most frequently use were placed on the end closest to the kitchen door.  Dinner items and breakfast were placed on the middle rows for ease of viewing and access.  For the most part, everything has stayed in the spot assigned.  I moved things down the row a bit as we bought items and sometimes an item needs to go onto the overflow shelf, but overall it is working.  Every label is facing out so that I can easily see what is there and how many we have (although Greg still bought more soy sauce than we will ever need).   I like being able to go in and see exactly what we have before running to the store.  Today I felt all giddy walking down the aisles of Giant being able to stockpile items.

The other day we had gone tubing with a group of friends (I was the only renter out of all of them) and we started talking about house projects and pulling wallpapers.  A few minutes into the conversation, it hit us that our conversations don’t revolve around partying or other random things we did in our early twenties.  Soon we’ll probably start talking about how much fiber we need to eat or how our retirement plan is fairing in this economy.  It’s funny how life shifts on you without even noticing.  Now back to the pantry, here is it is mostly stockpiled!

Added bonus: The cabinets which previously held food items now made room for our rubbermaid.  The previous location was not working for us (it kept exploding out of the drawer).

I put the rubbermaid on the middle shelf for easy access.  On the other shelves went my serving pieces, cupcake carrier, cake carrier, and Greg coffee Filtron system.  By the way, if you like having iced coffee, get the filtron system because you just will add cold water to the coffee concentrate.

We even made a little menu board for the room which I will post about later but it is time to go bottle beer!


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