I Love A Deal

I am ashamed to admit it but I have been cyberstalking Sears.com for a patio set on sale. Cyberstalking to the point of checking the site daily to see if the set we liked went on sale anymore. I kind of scary what I will do for a deal.

I’ve always been able to find and score a deal, so much and so frequently my family refers to it as pulling a diane. For example, 51 cent pair of new Dollhouse flats at Ross, 67 cent pair of brand new pants from Old Navy, $3 for an $80 dollar faux pearl necklace at Lord & Taylor, 79% off for a Nicole Miller cocktail dress, and the list goes on.

Yes, I do pay retail for items but I always google coupons first. In fact, Greg once ordered me a gorgeous arrangement of flowers and one of the first things out of my mouth after staying how much I loved them was if he used a coupon (at this point, he didn’t google coupons before buying online). I don’t take it to Extreme Couponing levels. Greg has actually banned me from watching the show because I get so aggravated at the people for wasting food and time.

Ok, maybe I do take it to the Extreme Couponing level at Michaels/AC Moore but everyone should when they had out 40%/50% off coupons like that.

But back to the story at hand, we wanted a table set for our deck. Since it wasn’t a “we needed it now” sort of deal, I could browse or cyberstalk stores online. We decided to start seriously looking after the Fourth of July holiday because stores wanted to get rid of summer items to make room for Christmas supplies. Nothing screamed buy me . . . ok, no price screamed buy me until last week.

Greg’s parents have a really nice patio set from Sears. Greg’s brother has the same patio set from Sears. I liked said patio set from Sears. Now Greg is the final Hicks man to purchase the same patio set from Sears but for an awesome price. All week the set’s price had stabilized around $350 (originally $600) and one day it dropped to $265.

Without even blinking I started mad texting Greg because I did not want to lose this opportunity. We agreed to get it. Then an added bonus came in the fact that ShopDiscover had doubled their cashback bonus on Sears.com from 5% to 10% knocking another $26.50 off the price.

Woohoo! Yes, I realize getting this exciting about a deal could be considered an “issue” but whatever. I saved $26.50 more.

The next day (when the online prices was back to $350) we drove to the store to pick it up but it wouldn’t fit in Greg’s car so we had to tie it to the roof. What a scary drive home where I spent the entire time thinking of what position I needed to move to quickly to avoid decapitation in case the table broke free. I rode behind him in case I saw it move and needed to alert him. Thankfully it didn’t and arrived back at the house in one piece. (Go us!!)

We put it together over the past two days and enjoyed our first dinner outside.

Doesn’t it look awesome?


4 thoughts on “I Love A Deal

  1. That’s quite a steal for a lovely patio set.

    I’m jealous of your gorgeous backyard. This house has been so ill cared for the yard is a mess, and as renters we have little leeway for gardening/yardwork.

    P.S. your trellis is screaming for a pretty native vine like trumpet creeper or purple passionflower 🙂

    • I will remember those names for next year! Our deck is surrounded by river rocks and we decided to focus on the backyard next year due to other projects/finances. But I will be turning to you for ideas for some plants!

      • No problemo! Whenever you’re ready to work on the backyard give me a shout, and i’ll give you some native plant recommendations for your yard.

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