Happy Birthday, Greg!

It’s been a very busy  week for us because someone special turned 30.  On Thursday, Greg celebrated his 30th birthday and we had event everyday since then as part of his celebration.  Hence the lack of blog posts but today you are getting one that is both house and birthday related.

As I previously mentioned, Greg was not a baseball fan before we met.  Now he is addicted.  Seriously addicted to baseball.  Two of his birthday events included going to baseball games.

Now have you seen the pillow pets?  Apparently they made a Phillie Phanatic pillow pet and Laura got it for Greg.

He is inseparable from it.  In fact he is leaning on it right now.  At least it makes a cute throw pillow on the couch.

But the ultimate surprised happened when he walked out of the bathroom Thursday morning.  He was greeted with this view.  I really wish I had a picture of him walking into the balloons but a shot of him in his boxers isn’t super family-friendly.

30 balloons filled the room and each one had a Behr paint chip with special message attached.   Everyone keeps asking about how I hid the balloons from him.  Pretty simple when you have four bedrooms and threaten bodily harm if you walk into the one with the door shut.  Laura drove with me to pick them all up from Party City (best prices around) on Wednesday afternoon since 31 balloons would not fit in my Civic.  The shocked/confused look on his face was worth.

Happy birthday sweetheart!


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