It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Even though Christmas isn’t for several months, I wanted to share a Christmas tip from my friend Sarah (and frequent reader).  Sarah used to sit next to me at my old job and was always trying to find ways to donate.  She pointed out that at Christmastime, organizations desire donations targeted towards children and now is a great time to stock up. 

With the school year starting a in a few weeks, school supplies are relatively cheap.   Consider buying a few boxes of crayons or markers and setting them aside until December.  When the holiday season arrives, pick up a few coloring books at Michael’s/AC Moore (with a coupon) or Wal-Mart/Dollar Store to donate with the crayons for a child in need.

Over the weekend, I bought eight boxes of 24 Color Crayolas for 40 cents each at Target.  They’ve been set aside for Christmas. 

If you are more of the let me write a check type, my friend Michele is participating in the City to Shore 75 mile Bike Ride to benefit the MS Society.  Please consider helping her reach her fundraising goal. 

Now you are probably wondering why I included her in a Christmas post, here is why.  Every year Michele hosts a Christmas party and asks her guests to bring canned goods and other non-perishable items instead of something for the party.  This year she had her largest donation to date and hopes to have an even bigger donation this holiday season. 

Let’s help her reach her City to Shore goal.  You can reach her fundraising page here.


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