You Say Tomato . . .

. . . and I say dinner!  Over the past few weeks my garden has undergone a metamorphosis.  The endless bowls of fresh romaine lettuce ended (very, very sadly) but red tomatoes, zucchini, and jalapenos popped up.   It’s nothing like the massive amounts of fresh veggies my parents have been getting this year but we are very happy with our crop.

Ok,  it helps that my dad send me home with a zucchini anytime we walk through the door.

Look at the red tomato in all it’s glory.  I’ve had fun checking the garden in the morning and in the evening to see the progression.  That and I’m bored someday from working at home.

So pretty, so tasty.  The day we picked our tomatoes, they were sliced up and added to our grilled cheese sandwiches.  Greg kept sneaking slices of the fresh tomato and giving himself away with the “this is good” moaning.

The tomatoes tasted divine and we cannot wait for our other tomatoes to turn red.  If they don’t, I say we try fried green tomatoes!


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