Before and After

It feels like forever ago that Greg moved into the house when in actuality with was only ten months ago.   Many of the rooms had blank walls and those that didn’t had horrid wallpaper.  Fine, only three had horrid wallpaper.  Now we are down to two rooms with horrid wallpaper and one with 99% peeled off wallpaper.  Words cannot describe the Miami Vice meets Golden Girls feel of this wallpaper.  If we had proper 80s furniture in the room, you would expect to see Blanche walking out with Don Johnson on her arm after a night of l ‘amour.

Fortunately over the first few weeks I didn’t spend much time staring at those walls (otherwise they might be painted by now) but I did spend most of my work days staring at the blank wall of the office.  I worked from the office while dishwasher was installed, washers/dryers got delivered, and other people flitted in and out of the house.  It got me away from the noisy upstairs neighbors at my Drexelbrook Apartment but the blank walls distracted me.

During one of those days, I sketched out the design plan for the office and the basement.  He had a notebook on his desk from class and I started filling it with high school-esque doodles of “Greg Loves Diane” and “Mr. Diane Pesavento” type notes for him.

When he saw the room sketch, Greg was fairly hesitant on the design plan especially when the one room called for a statement wall in Villanova blue.  He was a good boyfriend (and future Mr. Diane Pesavento) who played along and painted the wall . . .  and loved it!

This started our ongoing practice of sketching out big projects before starting.  The island was sketched out on Disney Resort paper.

The pantry was sketched on notebook paper.

Somehow I forgot about our original two sketches done one day in boredom while waiting amongst the blank walls of the office until Greg needed the notebook for his beer making class (more to come in a later post).  He came barreling (yes, barreling – he was going to a beer making class and I wanted to stick with the them) down to the family room with my drawing in hand.

Office Sketch:

Office Reality (ignore the mess):

Basement Sketch:

Basement Reality:

Pretty impressive how well we did at matching the room to the sketch.  With these sketches, we didn’t follow them faithfully like our others.  I drew it up, showed him, closed the notebook, and forgot about it.  We tend to forget how much work we’ve put into the house until others come over and stare in amazement.

Fine, not stare in amazement but look mildly impressed.

Slowly but surely we are working our way through the house.


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