What’s for dinner?

According to my menu board, it’s Primos at the Phillies game but I wouldn’t be able to easily reference tonight’s dinner nor the rest of the week’s without our new menu board. After we installed the shelving in the pantry, our one wall appeared a bit bare. We knew a rack for brooms would be lining the wall but we still had a very big gap of blank wall—then inspiration struck!

The dry erase menu boards have been popping up all over pinterest and I thought it would be ideal for the pantry. By listing the days of the week, Greg could write what he will be doing on his nights (Tuesday and Thursday) and I would write on my nights (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday). We also felt a spot for needed items would help since we could easily add something to it during the week due to the fact we are in the pantry at the time.

Off to Michael’s we went, armed with a 40% off one item and a 25% off total purchase coupon. Greg picked a frame he liked, we got two packages of scrapbooking letters, and a big sheet of green paper. Total cost ended up being around $22 (I forgot to keep the receipt for blogging purposes).

Should I mention it was a Friday night and forcing Greg to craft on a date night? In my defense, we had no plans other than running to the Home Depot, the home brew store, and Taco Bell. Michael’s falls on the way home, so it only made sense to stop.

Back at the house, I went to get a butter knife to lift the tabs on the frame but was stopped and told we shall use a screwdriver. I guess crafting with a man involves real tools and not girl perceived tools.

Step One: Cut the green paper to fit inside the frame.

Step Two: Put the glass on top of the green paper and draw your layout using the dry erase markers.

Step Three: Bust out the scrapbooking letters and stick them on the green paper.

Step Four: Put it back in the frame and use the screwdriver (and not the butter knife) to close it.

Step Five: Use the screwdriver to reopen the frame when you realize you have a hair caught in the frame.

Step Six: Shut the frame using the screwdriver.

Total time: 15 minutes

As you all know, Greg and I have different mentalities for hanging items on the hall. I eyeball and hope for the best. Greg first measures, then finds the nearest stud, and uses Mr. Level.

Any guess as to who hung the menu board?

20 minutes later, Mr. Level was ensuring the menu board was perfectly straight on the wall and we were done.

Over the past few weeks since we installed the menu board, we can’t imagine not using it. We plan our meals better and stock our pantry better. Each one of us checks the board before heading to the store that ensures our needed items are purchased. It doesn’t stop Greg from picking up a bottle of soy sauce every other time he is at the store, but it’s a start.


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