Time Flies

10 months ago we were in Paris when Greg found out about his settlement date for the house.  Since then, we’ve been going non-stop on house related projects.  A few months into our project, I started blogging for you all to read about.

As the summer progressed, we felt we deserved a vacation and most definitely took one over the past few days.  On Wednesday we journeyed up to Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes region of New York to enjoy a little sightseeing, some wine tasting, and the thought of doing nothing for a few days.  Greg might need to build us a wine cellar for everything we brought back but it’s not because he wants to start making wine.

Although he was very tempted.

Sure, we might have been up at 7:30am on a saturday but it wasn’t because we had to stain a deck or paint a room but because we wanted to bike around the lake.  We spent a sunny afternoon hiking the Watkins Glen Gorge to view their 19 waterfalls.  I might have started requested a waterfall feature in the backyard after seeing this.

For two of the days, we enjoyed a bottle of wine each night while sitting outside which made us very thankful for our new patio set.  But nothing is better than having a romantical evening with your boyfriend, enjoying a bottle of wine, then watching him pause, listen to the sounds around him, and go:

“I think I hear racecars.”

Be still my heart.



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