Tagging It!

Does anyone else ever unplug the wrong thing on a power strip?  I constantly do up in my office since there are about 5 cords plugging into my power strip.  On the days I want to work at Starbucks, I usually unplug the wrong cord thinking it was my computer.  It’s a good thing Greg has a labeled power strip for the TV (it came that way) because I would be unplugging items at a random to find the Wii.

Now a solution for such a dilemma (if it even counts as a true dilemma)!




——– (I’m trying to keep you in suspense.)

Bread tags.

Not much a a surprise but maybe a head scratcher.  Bread tags?  Like those little plastic pieces with the price on the loaf of bread.

They fit perfectly on cords and have a blank side.  The perfect canvas for cord labeling until I get my label maker and then everything will be labeled including desk, laptop, and Greg.  You should have seen me at my old job with the label maker– people’s chairs got labeled, pictures got labeled, and then I had the label maker taken away from me but not from my over-excessive labeling (because we had to give it back).

Greg loves his toast in the morning, so after three weeks I had enough tags saved up for items under my desk.  Please warn your roommate/live partner you are saving them because they might get accidentially tossed.

Flip the tags over to the blank side and bust out your sharpie marker.  Write the object the cord belongs to and snap on.

Super easy and will save you time when trying to figure out what belongs to what.


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