With impending Armageddon coming in the form of a giant hurricane, we thought it was time to deal with a few touchy spots the house has with rain.

Like our now leaking basement.

A few weeks ago, after a monsoon, we noticed a large spot of water on the floor. It happened again this week. I even got all Nancy Drew on it when the monsoon happened thus week by running down with my flashlight to see where it was coming from.

Turns out that we never plugged it back in after we stained the deck.

Go ahead, Dad. I know you are saying it to the computer as you read this.


You see, the sump pump is plugged in outside and Greg was going to investigate a better way to do it. Then another issue demanded our attention. But tonight we are ready to go.


Yes, that is camo duct tape.

Then we turn our attention to other hurricane issues.

Like our leaking patio.

Last night Greg caulked all the roof seams after he came home from class. Tonight he’s caulking the windows.

Now let’s hope I don’t have to fight my way through the store tomorrow for our hurricane food supplies– cheese and chips. Good thing I made salsa the other morning at 5:45.



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