White Trash Cover

As you know a hurricane is fast approaching and you are probably over it even though the darn thing hasn’t even arrived.  I hope you make and exception on being over to read about our white trash way of solving the basement cover issue.  See, we did not have a basement window cover but we did have a small tree growing out of it.  The last window cover we saw had an eagle on it and nothing against America or patriotism, we didn’t like it.

Now if it was the Muppet’s Sam the Eagle– different story.

Enter Hurricane Irene.

We needed a window cover because 5-10″ of rain might ruin my Wildcat mural which is right under the uncovered window. Too much hard work went into the Wildcat painting to be ruined by a stupid hurricane.

Yesterday Greg stopped at Lowe’s on his way home from work to pick up a window well cover because we forgot it when we were there earlier in the week.  No covers were left so he had to get all MacGyver while at Lowes.

Before I tell you his solution, I will tell you how I would have done it.  Just so you can laugh at the very different mindset you have going on (artisty vs. engineer).  I would have gotten a small tarp and a few stakes.  Staple gunned the tarp to the wood piece above the window and staked the other part into the ground.  The end.

Greg on the other hand, had a much more thought out plan which requires more than 10 minutes of effort.  Supplies you will need include: baby pool, stakes, screws, power tools, caulk, and a box cutter.

First he measured the window (I held the flashlight) and then marked up the baby pool to cut it with the box cutter.  Sorry the pictures aren’t perfect, we attempted this at 9pm on a Friday night because we wanted to get a long run in on Saturday before the rain.  Yes, that is all our patio furniture in the garage– better safe than sorry.

He cut a straight line and then cut the top edges about 6 inches in from the rim.  Then he fold it up and in half (to form a better seal around the wood).

He cut the rim ( about three inches) from the rolled edge of the baby pool on both sides and folded forward.

We brought it to the window to check if it fit.  In case you’re wondering, I’m still holding the flashlight.

It fit!  He screwed the sucker in while I held the flashlight.

Staked like a vampire’s heart (still holding the light).

Caulked it just because he could (yep, it’s still  in my hand).

And we were done.

After all is said and done, I think he had a better idea albeit white trashy.


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