Monster Poop

In preparation for blogging about the storm, I took pictures outside of the house and backyard.  We have a giant, half-dead tree in the backyard I was fearful of falling during the storm.  Never did I think we were going to experience a chain of events which resulted in Monster Poop.

Monster poop?  Just bear with me for a few paragraphs.

Remember how I posted about our preparations and plugging in the sump pump?  We thought water entered our basement because it wasn’t plugged in.  Sadly, that was not the case.

Once the heavy rains started, we periodically went downstairs to check the water situation and the carpet was looking dry . . . until the power went out.  We lost power for about 30 seconds and didn’t think anything of it.  About a half hour later, I got freaked out by all the tornado warnings and wanted to head to the basement.

Ugh.  I wish we had gone down earlier because it was like walking on a waterbed.

We realized the power outtage tripped the outlet and it needed to be reset.  Good thing I pestered our contractors to show me what they are doing because I knew we needed to go outside for the reset button.

We headed back inside and started shopvaccing the basement– starting by sucking the water out of the well which helped both sump pumps handle the back up of water.  About an hour and a half later, we had most of the water sucked out of the carpet.

Then Greg noticed a little water coming from the wall cinder block.  He scratched at it and Old Faithful sprung forth.  It reminded us of Chevy Chase in Vegas Vacation on the Damn  Dam Tour.  Unfortunately, gum would not solve our water problem but we figured out why the carpet had been wet during the past rain storm.

The water started gushing in and we couldn’t keep up with vaccing it up.  Greg wanted to grab what we could and abandon the basement.

No way on God’s green Earth would I be abandoning the basement.  I spent hours on the Wildcat mural and did not have any urge to watch it ruined by water.  He went upstairs to figure something out.

A few minutes later he returned with Great Stuff stone foam.  We had a cinder block against the wall to try to block the water from coming in which was a massive failure.  Before we touched the wall, a game plan was devised.

First Greg crawled under the steps and I followed with the shopvac.  He moved the cinder block and I positioned the shopvac at Old Faithful to suck up the water while he applied the foam.  The foam didn’t seem to dry so we tried to clump it up and slid the cinder block against the spring.  Greg went back upstairs to find another solution but as I shopvacced, I noticed the water flow slowed.

Greg then applied even more Great Stuff to the wall which made it look like monster poop.

Don’t you agree with Greg’s description on the foam as monster poop?  Two more hours of shopvaccing and I fell asleep on the pull out couch.  Greg continued for another 45 minutes and joined me.   We set our alarms to go off every hour to check on the basement and power situation.

The next morning we spent a few more hours shopvaccing and thinking we cleaned it all up.  Sadly, the basement smells of mold and the carpet pad is still very wet.  Looks like we will be tearing it up next week before the bad mold begins growing.  Good news is we are going to do peel and stick carpet.

Oh and we need to have our sump pump system looked at along with Old Faithful.


One thought on “Monster Poop

  1. One bit of good news, our improvised window well cover worked beautifully!

    A quick tip for using foam filler…always wear gloves! It does not come off of hands very well.

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