The Affair of the Pendant

Happy Tuesday!  Sorry I have been MIA this week but after dealing with Irene’s mess the Affair of the Pendant has taken over our evenings.

Affair of the Pendant?  Yes, this event has become so epic it needed an epic title to go along with it.

You see, we had the ghetto light fixture about the sink which we both abhorred.  It was ugly and made the weird florescent noise when it was on and it was ugly.  When we bought the nipple light for the pantry, I picked up the pendent lamp (hence the name) for above the sink. We loved the look of the light and felt it would make a great addition to the kitchen.

Several weeks ago, Greg removed the light and realized there was no electrical box in the wall.  He was excited that he could use his recent birthday present– the Little Giant ladder system.

Ummm, should I tell you this was not the first light fixture we took down to find out there was no box?  Apparently the electrician flaked off when installing lights back in 1987.  Maybe a thrilling episode of Miami Vice was on to distract him.

A few days later, he picked up the box (Lowe’s trip #1) and then we went on vacation.

He goes to install the box and it doesn’t fit.

A few days later, he a hand saw to cut the ceiling (Lowe’s trip #2)

Greg installs the box Tuesday night and I participate with the wiring by handing him tools and holding things and being awesome with my presence.

He wires it and trying to hook the lamp to the bolts.

Ugh.  The box is too small for the light piece, so we start improvising.  It’s a good thing Greg’s an engineer because he could decipher the directions which made no sense to either one of us.  Although, he did study them for about 30 minutes before deciding to wing it.

We readjust and attempt again.  Good news—the bolts are in the right spot for the pendant.  Bad news—the bolts are too long.  You see with how the light should be installed due to the box, the bolts are arranged slightly different.

Frustration all around.  Ugh.  Ok, maybe a little cursing too.

We head out to the garage to go through our drawers of bolts-n-stuff.  We find two potentials.  Strangely enough, the affair of the pendant is turning into Goldilocks with trying to find one that is just right.

Failure.  One is too long and the other too short.

Next day I run to Deck’s hardware store for help (Hardware store trip #3).  They don’t make a bolt in between the sizes but the sales guy gives me a tip for cutting the bolt—screw a nut on and cut in front of it to preserve the threading.

Last night we journeyed to my parents for a few items and picked up a hack saw.  We cross some fingers and hope for the best.

45 minutes later, we had our pendant light up and running.

Doesn’t she look pretty.


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