Frost My Cookies

The other day we had an unexpected 7.29 inches of rain in five hours during the wee hours of morning when everyone was sound asleep.   We thought everything was good after the hurricane– the monster poop was in place and we had a list of things to tackle and people to call.

Obviously, Mother Nature had a different plan for us.  A plan that really frosted my cookies.

Waking up to discover a soaking wet carpet, wet doors (doors we recently had installed), and monster poop pushed away from the wall was not how we wanted to start the morning at 5:45 am.

Our basement was frosted.  Ugh.

Greg shopvacced for 40 minutes before leaving for work and then I took over once he left.  During the day I periodically went down to shopvac the carpet and figure out a new game plan.  I called someone who came over to give us a quote and offer suggestions.

Then our noisy neighbor started complaining to me about how she had to reset the outside outlet at 5am for us.  She proceeded to lecture me that she told us when we moved it that every time it rains to be reset to keep the outdoor sump pump going.

I am not running out at 2am because it starts raining and your husband did a craptastic job of setting up the outside sump pump for the former owners.  Frost you. 

By the time Greg got home, I had our game plan formulated—remove the carpet pad but keep the carpet for now.  It took us about two hours to remove the entire carpet pad, which was incredibly saturated, shopvac the concrete, and move the trash to the garage. 

We celebrated finishing our task with a cookie—unfrosted.


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